• Hebei Tomato 2020 group building activities

    Hebei Tomato rganized the most grand group building activities of the year from August 9 to 13, 2020.

    In order to enrich employees’ spare time, ease work pressure, enhance communication and communication between employees, strengthen team cohesion and centripetal force, and organize an unforgettable group building activity in Hebei Tomato.


    On the first day, the flight was delayed due to the weather. Fortunately, we arrived smoothly.

    On the second day, we took the off-road vehicle through the Hulunbeier grassland no man’s land, arrived at the commanding heights of the Mozhgrad River, and tasted the “Eight Party’s Feast” for the Banquet and the Eight Fortunes. In the afternoon, I visited the Erguna National Wetland, passing through the Black Forest Island, wild boar forest, eucalyptus forest, bird island, Kang Street, wetland flower sea and other beautiful scenery. The clear root river flows quietly, and the curved water surrounds the meadow and shore. The bushes are bushy and green. Arrive at Genhe in the evening and taste the local speciality wok stew. After a full meal, stay in the long-awaited cabin.

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    On the third day, we first visited the Lulu Guya Reindeer Park, which is called the last “hunting tribe” in China. It is the only country in China that raises reindeer. It arrives at Sahuan Ranch at noon, walks through the birch forest, and walks into Montenegro in the evening to experience horseback riding. The fun, evening bonfire party, enjoy the taste of roasted whole sheep, live in the yurt, experience the fun activities with Mongolian style.

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    On the fourth day, along the blue-stretched Erguna River, we walked along the Sino-Russian border road. The beautiful scenery along the way relieved the pressure of the staff. The vast grasslands widened the chest and enhanced our cohesiveness. In the evening In Manzhouli, enjoy the beautiful exotic night scenes.

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    On the fifth day, he visited the equestrian competition in the Mongolian tribe of Balhu, and ended the evening in the evening.


    Through this group building activity, the employees’ cohesiveness and combat effectiveness have been deepened, and the tacit communication between them has been deepened. The mutual understanding has been enhanced, the feelings have been brought closer, and everyone has been immersed in a better state and higher enthusiasm. In the future work, we have strengthened our confidence and determination to strengthen Hebei Temet.

    Post time: May-08-2020