• Is there any requirement for tomato paste when making pasta?

    Is there any requirement for tomato paste when making pasta?

    I want to make my own pasta, but I’ve seen recipes for tomato paste and so on, but I don’t know if there are any special requirements for this? Is it possible to use any kind of tomato paste?


    There are many different ways to make pasta, and tomato sauce is the most common.

    Generally in Italy there are many families who buy their own tomatoes to make tomato sauce, which is more economical and more original, but the average person does not have much experience in tomato sauce so many people are trying to buy directly from the supermarket for convenience.

    In addition to the kind of ketchup to the French fries seasoning, most tomato sauce can generally be used to make pasta, mainly divided into two kinds.


    One is the original tomato sauce, there is another kind of tomato sauce with seasoning such as minced meat and radish. Choosing good quality of tomato paste to get a richer sauce is most important to make pasta. Hebei Tomato Industry Co., Ltd is specializing in processing of tomato paste for 15 years, to make real tasty pasta, join www.chinesetomato.com to choose tomato paste original.


    Post time: Jan-13-2022