How to make tomato paste

Tomato paste is made from fresh, ripe tomatoes that are peeled and seeded and ground. It can be divided into two types, one with a bright red color, which is common, and the other made from tomato paste further processed into tomato ketchup, which is sweet and sour with a dark red color. The former can be used as a condiment for stir-fry, while the latter can be dipped. Most of the tomato paste is dark red or red, the sauce is even and delicate, viscous and moderate, sweet and sour taste, no impurities, no off-flavor.


Tips for buying tomato paste

When buying tomato juice, ketchup and other tomato products in the supermarket, it is recommended that you prefer to use iron tin or plastic sachet packaging, as this type of packaging is the most light-proof and airtight, and retains the most lycopene. Join free in to know more about tomato paste processing and choosing.

TMT tomato paste

Post time: Jan-13-2022