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Hebei Tomato Industry Co., Ltd. specializing in tomato paste and seasonings for 12 years, we are the sole assigned Chinese supplier of tomato paste to the Red Cross (ICRC) for the moment. We have 9 production lines and regularly exporting to Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East and so on many countries with large quantity.Main business of the company is Canned Tomato Paste Easy Open,China Best Sell Tomato Paste,China Tomato Product,Dried Tomato Paste,Fresh Tomato Paste,Ginny Tomato Paste,Halal Tomato Paste,tasty tom tomato paste,tin packing tomato paste,tomato paste 2200g,tomato paste 70g-4500g factory,Tomato Paste Big Can,tomato paste for dubai,tomato paste for nigeria market,Tomato Paste In Tins,tomato paste private label,Tomato Paste Safa Brand,Tomato Sauce For Paste

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